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The Legend of Corkbeard

Gather ‘round, young ones. We have a story to share.

Once upon a time, long, long ago, we too were young. This was before the days of the puppy-dog filter on Snapchat, before the iPhone lost its headphone jack, even before UberEats and Netflix were a thing.

(We know. Crazy right.)

Back then, our sources of entertainment were simple. Watching actual music videos on MTV, collecting pies in Trivial Pursuit, fighting over the Atari controllers, and scouring BlockBuster for New Release on a Friday night.

There were a couple times a year when a huge family dinner would take over the weekend and the fancy silverware would come out. With the silverware came stiff, uncomfortable outfits, multiple baths, hissed warnings about being too loud, and enduring the endless bottles of fancy old wine that only “grown-ups” could drink. And, it didn’t matter how much you begged, you couldn’t switch out your turkey dinner for a pop tart.

One Thanksgiving, however, a relative we had never seen before showed up for the festivities. He had a powerfully curly moustache, wasn’t very talkative and didn’t seem to relish the “grown-up” clinking of wine glasses everyone else was doing. In fact, for the majority of the evening, he sat silently in the corner and glowered at everyone in the room. More than once, he caught us staring from behind a wall.

Eventually, to our great dismay, the stranger got up from his seat and slowly walked over to where we were. After a minute of petrified silence, he growled, “You kids bored?”

We didn’t know how to reply. The man reached into his pocket and pulled out a lighter.

Our eyes widened and our heartbeats raced. Was it time to scream for Mom? He reached into his other pocket and pulled out an old cork from a wine bottle. Before our eyes, he lit the cork on fire and let it burn. After the top of the cork was properly singed (and making sure our eyes were still riveted on him), he brought it up to his face and touched up the curls of his impressive moustache.

“It’s the corkbeard, kids.”

And with a sudden impish grin, he passed the singed cork to one of us and vanished into the crowd, never to be seen again.

Just like that, the legend was born.

Since then, it has become a tradition in our family circles to lighten up fancy dinner events with a corkbeard or two, bringing along smiles, laughs, and unforgettable memories.

It’s been said Ol’ Corkbeard has been seen lurking in the corners of dinner parties with a satisfied grin, but no one has ever gotten close enough to see for sure.

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